Kaori Kuniyasu

Japanese comic, illustration and animation artist Kaori Kuniyasu was born 1974 and currently lives in Berlin, Germany. She graduated from the Department of Film Making at Nihon University College of Art Tokyo in 1997. Besides freelancing as a graphic designer her professional portfolio includes animation works for MTV, puppet animations for omnibus Movie “Tokyozaunsu/TokyoEscalator” directed by Naoko Nozawa. Giving artistic self-expression a stage, Kaori became a member of the (not only) comic artist group Nou Nou Hau. Their recent exhibition project Kugelblitz was a collaboration with the acclaimed German comic group Mogamobo and was shown in Tokyo, Berlin, Erlangen, Cologne and Stuttgart in 2006 (www.kugel-blitz.com). Kaori’s works reflect an own view of the world in which a lot of cuteness and a little eeriness can exist both on the same page.

Blancolic|Kaori Kuniyasu’s tumblr